Manage Your Postal Mail Remotely

Elevate your brand with a premier
Lakewood Ranch Main Street address.


We take a picture
of your mail or package


It gets uploaded online
and you receive an
instant notification


You let us know what
actions to take:
Scan, Forward, Recycle


Apply now to reserve your Virtual Mailbox
with a Lakewood Main Street address!

A practical + convenient pandemic problem solver:

Use our Lakewood Ranch, Florida address on Main Street to
professionalize your business and protect your home.

You’ll save time managing all your business + personal postal mail from your phone
while upgrading your business presence at a very affordable rate!

client testimonials


Debra w.

“The exact solution needed for
our non-profit organization.”



“Insanely easy to set up an address, this is the solution I have been looking for my online business - especially for my Shopify store address and email marketing as I didn’t want to use my personal address. Thank you!”



“Awesome and easy!
Needed a solution for an
international move and this will
work. Thank you.”

Your Questions Answered

We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

  • 1

    What type of address will I receive?

    You will receive a real, actual office street address in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. The address is 8130 Lakewood Main St, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 and you will receive a Suite # between 300-500.

  • 2

    How does the mailbox service work? What are the fees?

    You will receive an email when new mail is received. Fees above the monthly cost are charged for mail received in excess of the allotment in your respective service plan, additional scans requested, or for mail forwarding services.

  • 3

    Can I have clients drop off mail or packages for me at the address?

    Yes! We are open 9 am-5 pm Monday thru Friday to receive packages on your behalf. Packages that are too large for your mailbox must be picked up within 48 hours to avoid storage fees.

  • 4

    Will I be charged monthly or annually?

     Our service is provided on a month to month basis and charged monthly on the 5th of the month for the month due. To cancel, we only require 15 days notice of intent to cancel.

  • 5

    What can I accomplish with a virtual office?

     You can provide your business with a real street address, a place to meet a client or prospect, and give yourself the presence of a larger downtown location for a low monthly cost.

  • 6

    Can I cancel anytime? Are there any fees?

    Our service is provided on a month to month basis, and charged monthly on the 5th of the month for the month due. To cancel, we only require 15 days notice of intent to cancel. If you request to have mail forwarding service beyond the time you are a customer, we offer 1x monthly forwarding for any mail that is received at a cost of $20 per forward, plus shipping costs.

  • 7

    How much access to the office do I receive with a Virtual plan?

    You will receive unlimited access to your mailbox between 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday, and 1 hour per month of scheduled conference room access. Additional hours can be booked at a cost of $20/hour and are subject to availability

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CoworkLWR is a flexible workspace located in the heart of downtown Lakewood Ranch, Florida. We offer a unique solution for virtual offices, postal mail management, business incubation, & a podcast recording studio.


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