The question, “Should you use your home address for your business?” is a tricky one. The simple answer is, no, and here are 3 main reasons why:

Privacy Concerns

Using your home address for your business means that you must provide your personal address whenever a customer/client/vendor/etc. requests your contact information. This may compromise you and your family’s privacy. Do you really want a disgruntled customer to be able to show up at your doorstep?

Professional Reputation

Although many clients are accepting of entrepreneurs and small businesses that do not have a business address, prospective clients or customers may not take you as seriously if they can tell your address is a personal one. When you have a professional address, it instantly boosts your reputation and credibility.

Here’s an example. Florida is a glorious, warm, sunny and happy place to be! But along with the great weather comes critters. If you’re a homeowner, you probably get your house treated to keep all of the creepy-crawlies away. Let’s assume you search Google to find reputable and well-reviewed exterminators.  Now, are you more likely to hire an exterminator who has a home address, or one with a professional address? You likely will choose the contractor with a professional address because let’s be honest… who wants Joe Schmoe from down the street treating your precious home?

Zoning Restrictions

Did you know that there are local zoning laws that do not allow you to run a commercial operation out of your home? Many apartments and condo complexes restrict you from being able to run a business from your home. If you own a home, you need to be aware of municipal code restrictions. If you rent, check your lease. Chances are you cannot run your business from your apartment.

It’s Easy to Obtain a Professional Business Address

Here’s your solution! No, you do not need to run out of your home frantically and lease office space. Yes, you need a professional address. Here at Cowork LWR, starting at just $49/month, we provide you with a premier Main Street, Lakewood Ranch address!

Ten pieces of incoming mail per month, five open and scan requests, mail forwarding (plus S&H), 2 authorized recipients, AND you will gain the ability to meet with your customers and client in our conference room for one hour per month (additional at $20/hour).

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