Are you in need of a professional mailing address for your business, wondering why you shouldn’t just use your home address, or want to access your mail anytime, anywhere? 

Let’s talk this one out together…

Professional mailing addresses are very important when it comes to having your own business for a few reasons. First, privacy. When you use your home address, you are putting the privacy of you and your family at stake. And let’s be honest, do you really want an unsatisfied customer or client showing up at your doorstep? Next, reputation. While many clients are accepting of entrepreneurs or small businesses without an office space, some may not take you as seriously as you deserve. Having a professional address instantly boosts your credibility and it’s more professional than having a PO Box or UPS Store address. Lastly, zoning restrictions. Some local zoning laws do not allow you to run a commercial operation out of your home or apartment.

At Cowork LWR, we offer a virtual mailing service that provides you with a premier Main Street, Lakewood Ranch address!

Here are more benefits to having a virtual and professional mailing address:

  • Receive Mail Anywhere- With Internet access, you can view your mail anywhere in the world. Not only is this convenient, but it helps keep bills paid and shortens your response gap.
  • Eliminate Junk Mail- Nothing is worse than taking time out of your day, picking up your mail and finding nothing but junk. With our virtual mail services, we upload every piece of mail and you tell us to recycle it, shred it, or open and scan it. No more junk mail, and no more useless paper cluttering up your home.
  • Keep Your Documents on File- When you request us to scan your mail, you automatically receive an electronic version of your mail, allowing you to easily download and store them onto your computer or preferred digital device with a few clicks. 

At Cowork LWR, for just $49/month you receive:

  • Professional Main Street Address
  • We scan your postal mail when it arrives
  • 10 pieces of incoming mail
  • 5 open and scan requests
  • Mail Forwarding Services available (plus S&H)
  • 1 Hour Conference Room Per Month
    • Additional at $20/hour
  • Reception Service
    • At Cowork LWR, we offer a one-of-a-kind virtual receptionist (affectionately known as Connie) for your convenience. When your clients arrive, they are invited to check-in at our virtual receptionist stand. After check-in, you receive a text notification your guest has arrived and are able to initiate a live-chat.

Interested? Call us at (941) 322-7199 or stop in for a tour!